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                  A company that innovates, commercializes and adapts technologies to provide new ideas, products, and services to build and construct buildings and infrastructure - Better, Faster and more Economically than ever before.


                  TIANYI MACHINERY Concrete Hollowcore Wallls

                  About TIANYI

                  Tany Machinery has been conceived to usher in a new way of industrialized construction that provides precast elements for extremely durable, affordable, adaptable, livable and environmentally sustainable buildings that have high consistent quality and ensure high efficiency fast

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                  Walltec walls offer lower initial as well as long-term costs when compared with other materials due to low product costs, elimination of plaster, no curing, no zari- work for conduiting, no lintels, no stone sills, no maintenance, no flaking/cracks, increased carpet area as well as flexibility to move partition walls when required.

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                  Installation Guide

                  Walltec walls are factory made, transported to the site ready to install on pallets and manually erected on concrete floors. Highly versatile and fast to install, requiring just two regular construction workers to install up to 6 m2 per hour and are procured thus do not require any curing. Can be cut, sawn and dimensioned as pe.

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                  If you have any questions or need to talk with us then please send us an email to dw@sdyzty.com
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                  No.260 North Ring Road, YanZhou Industrial Park,Shandong Province,China.

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